Qualified & Experienced Gas Engineers

Some of the Gas related services we provide are:

Gas Pipework Installations
Anual Service
Landlord Certificates
Gas Safety Certificates
Gas Fire Installations
Gas Cooker Installations
Radiator installations
Leak Repairs
Central Heating Repairs

Gas Services in Southampton

In adition to Applience Installations we also provide servicing and maintenance in Southampton. We issue Gas Safety Certificates and Landlord Certificates.

All our Gas Safety Certifficates are Digital. They will be sent to your prefered e-mail address. If required – hard copies are also available on request. All Certifficates will be stored and kept in our database and can be re-issued on request.

In addition to servicing your applience we will also send you a free reminder to your prefered e-mail address when your applience is due for another service.

Be sure to always use a gas safe registered engineer to check your gas appliances to make sure they are working correctly

It is illegal to carry out any gas related work in the UK without a formal qualification and being listed on a Gas Safe Register. Always ask a tradesman for his Gas Safe Register number and be sure to check it online.

If you smell gas make sure that you or anyone else in the vicinity do not use any kind of ignition source such as – matches, lighters or electrical switches.

If it is inside the house aditionally to the above you should open all windows and doors to vent the property, locate your gas meter and turn the ECV (Emergency Control Valve) handle to switch off the supply of gas to your property.

After that call emergency services and stay away from affected area, but have access to it for when the emergency services arrive.

UK Gas Emergency number for England, Scotland and Wales is 0800 111 999

With gas related accidents people tend to think about an explosion. And while it does happen occasionally a still worse gas to be aware of is CO (Carbon Monoxide) which is responsible for many more fatalities than gas explosions.

CO is a colourless and odourless gas. It can be produced when a fire is burning. Your gas appliances at home normally produce very small ammounts and when correctly installed, all CO should be completely removed via flues, chimneys or ventilatilation. However if not installed correctly or if applience is faulty it could result in excess ammounts of CO being produced and released in to your home.

Because of that it is very important to service your gas appliances at least once a year or as per manufacturers recommendation.

Because CO is colourless and odourless you can’t detect it without special equipment, however, here are some early simptoms and signs of CO poisoning.

Feeling of weakness

If any of these symptoms are occuring regularly, make a note of when they occur. For example you may not have noticed, but perhaps you get a headache around the same time your boiler turns on. This should be a red flag and if you suspect this is happening you should immediately turn the applience off and call us for advice, service or repair.