Wet UFH system specialists

Specialising in wet underfloor heating systems we offer a professional service and advice for all your needs. We can design and install any type of wet underfloor heating including under screed, joisted floor or overfloor systems. We only use the best and most reliable suppliers that we have used for years.

Screed Floor

For screed floor we recommend installing Emmeti underfloor heating system, which is one of the best on the market. This system together with our knowledge and expertise will guarantee your satisfaction as a customer.

If you require a quote please call us on 02380200700 or e-mail us your floor plans to enquiries@sinkus.co.uk

Joisted Floor and Overfloor

If you have joisted floor and are woried about loosing room height due to underfloor heating installation we can offer a system that is installed between joists in the floor. For this type of system we also recommend Emmeti. All we need to add are heat spreader plates and it is possible to have your underfloor heating without loosing any space.

If you want a more economic house heating system and want to upgrade to underfloor heating, but already have screed floor and dont want to pay the costs of removing it all, we can offer an overfloor system by Omnie. They specialise in this type of system and are one of the most reliable suppliers in UK. Overfloor system can be installed on any existing floor surface.